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Off-topic but Faust Anthology 1 has "Outlandos d'Amour," by Kouhei Kadono, the author of the Boogiepop series, in it. It's a lovely story and has the same feel as the Boogiepop novels.

Also Del Ray Manga USA will be releasing the Jiken series, also by Kouhei Kadono.
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A jump-start, Spooky Electric style

I realise I am but a noob, but I've been watching this board anxiously for months and next to nothing's happened. And because Seven Seas says they've discontinued the novels, it doesn't look like much will. So I'll wear the clown costume and try to re-energise the board. Find me irritating? Just tell me to stop.

Now onto our first topic:

Boogiepop Crossovers. Discuss.

(Art from KaitoKaito. I've been trawling the Internet and hit a gold mine at HERE. Maybe we'll have a picspam if a Japanese speaker doesn't see a warning?
Also, I've found some comics HERE (they're the top ones). If anyone could translate, we'd all be immensely grateful.)
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Hello! I just joined your guys' community. I've just started to reread Boogiepop and others for the billionth time. =^-^= I really enjoy the series.

Here's my little informatively review thing. I have it up on my LJ right now.

P.S. I got found this but it's sadly no longer able for purchase from Right Stuf. -> http://www.rightstuf.com/1-800-338-6827/catalogmgr/cQxol2pnHoFHuwUABp/browse/item/59956/4/0/0
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Boogiepop Panel

Hello all. First time post :3

I'm planning on doing a Boogiepop Panel at Matsuricon in August. This is a first time Panel for me, and I wanna know:

What all should I discuss? I mean there's so much to talk about (the novels, the liveaction, the anime, so many characters and plots...) o_o I dunno where to begin! (Or end...)

Plus: What would be some good prizes and such? I'm know I'm giving away a $10 gift card to waldenbooks (Since Boogiepop at Dawn comes out around august :D) 

Feedback would be great! Thanks <3

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Boogiepop Novels

In case not everyone has noticed...
There are 5 more Boogiepop novels listed on Sevenseas' page! Hopefully they'll publish them! Boogiepop at Dawn is going to be released August 2008! I'm really excited and I hope I'm not getting my hopes up for nothing~
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Alright - I watched the anime awhile back and only recently noticed manga and novels at Borders.

So... what order should I read these in? Is everything canon/in the same universe? Are there summaries/scanslations I can read of things that haven't been released in the states?